Got Blog ?

If you don't have your own blog to post to-#1 I suggest  It's easy,fast and you don't have to be a techno expert to use it.  If that doesn't work for you then you can send me your favorite photo by email to :
seattlepastrygirlatgmaildotcom.  No larger than 800 pixels please.  If you can send it the night before the posting is due to be up and I will publish the photo on this page and you can add comments once the photo is published.  I will do it this way until or if the group of participants without blogs grows too large to handle.  I really really encourage you to try or even open up your blog via Google Blogger-it's very easy to use.  Any questions you have my email and Happy Baking !


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  1. Love your posts! I will for sure keep checking for updates! And will pick up a copy of the books on amazon! Keep it up!